High temperature dryer

High-temperature wood dryers are among the most unique dryers of Venonwood company which do not have any similar machines in Iran. High-temperature dryers are commonly used in workshops that need a large amount of dried wood and that do not have enough time to dry them by usual dryers.

High temperature dryer
High temperature dryer

The wood drying process in Venonwood

The function of high-temperature dryers is that they reduce the internal humidity of low-density woods such as fir up to below 20% within 5 days. This is done through a special process that is unique to Venonwood. In this process, the ambient temperature of the dryer increases, and the airflow speed is controlled. It should be noted that high temperature is very dangerous for wood and there is a possibility of fire, but the designers of Venonwood company have designed the system in such a way that the machine can completely protect the wood while raising the temperature

High temperature dryer
High temperature dryer

Different woods require different processes to be dried and the length of each wood process varies depending on the internal structure of that wood. For instance, wood such as fir requires 10 to 15 days to be dried while walnut wood requires 21 to 25 days. The woods are placed inside the dryer according to the species and thickness. However, it should be noted that the initial moisture of the wood is very effective during the drying process. As an example, those woods that have higher initial moisture need more time to dry compared to those woods that have lower initial moisture. The wood drying process has important parameters such as temperature, environment humidity, and dryer humidity. These three parameters must be controlled together during the drying process. This process is done intelligently and must be followed very carefully. That is why few companies in Iran and generally in the world can produce wood dryers. In Iran, wood drying companies also do not have the capability of drying forest woods such as walnut and oak. The reason is that forest woods have a more complex structure and loose their moisture with more difficulty and thus, have a more accurate process and the smallest error in the process will result in creating cracks in the wood and increasing wood waste.

High temperature dryer
High temperature dryer

The technology applied in these dryers is very advanced and they have an accurate and intelligent control system which is produced by Venonwood company. Some features of high-temperature driers include:

  1. Very accurate equipment with high reliability
  2. Intelligent control system with high accuracy
  3. Multilayer secure system
  4. Water spray system with high reliability
  5. Smart switchboards capable to work in hard situations
  6. Central intelligent and reliable control system
  7. Unquestionable one-year warranty
  8. Portable

Finally, it should be noted that high-temperature dryers are only used in situations where the employer does not have enough time to use the usual driers. Therefore, use usual driers if you have sufficient time to use them or you have the required space to establish large wood driers because the quality of wood drying in usual dryers is higher and these dryers have also the ability to dry different kinds of conifers and broadleaf.

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