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the goal of Venonwood knowledge enterprise has always been to provide its clients with top quality and affordable machinery. We found out that by using the latest technologies of the world, we can bring the previously high prices of these machines down while also increasing their functionality and quality. So Venonwood decided to produce our machines and products with only the latest technologies and scientific methods.

A practical example of this is the Torch System of Venonwood dryers. By benefiting from the Direct Heating System, we managed to reduce the final cost of the machine while also reducing its energy consumption. The torch system of other companies uses 250 kcal torches while Venonwood benefits from 88 kcal torches. This greatly reduces the energy consumption of our machines. Not to mention the final cost of other kilns are about five times more than the final cost of the Venonwood heating system.

That was one of the examples of using modern technologies in Venonwood machines. Other cases such as using modern software, boiler, base moisture system, etc can also be mentioned but unfortunately, describing them in this article would not be possible. All of the mentioned reasons led to Venonwood being recognized as a valuable company in the field of technology and manufacturing by the Gilan Science and Technology Park, which led to Venonwood being added as a technology unit to its collection.

While being part of knowledge enterprises, Venonwood has tried its best to be part of the best when it comes to technology in Iran and it has been successful at it too. Now, by entering the global markets, we aim to showcase the power and intelligence of Iranians to the rest of the world.

The support of you, our dear customers and colleagues, has had and will have an undeniable and valuable impact on the growth and success of Venonwood.

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