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Venonwood started its work in the wood industry in 2016. We started with researching different materials and market analysis in the wood industry and after careful planning and analysis, we delved into market making and we started designing and producing wood dryers. Considering the existence of several rivals in the wood drying industry at that year, Venonwood decided to fix the issues with the current machines and add new features such as a smart drying system. Soon, these new features caught the attention of the people in the industry and won their favor.




Smell wood
Wood Industry
ونون‌وود ارقند

The Smell and Taste of Wood

The smell of wood is because of a type of material called volatile extractives that are present inside it. These

Wood dryer kiln
ونون‌وود ارقند

?How our dryers dry wood

How our dryers dry wood? The VenonWood dryers are design to dry different kinds of wood including softwoods and hardwoods.

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