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VenonWood Company started its work in 1995 in the wood industry. At first, market research and measurement was done in the wood industry, and after detailed planning and market identification, market creation began. At first, he started his work with the design and production of wood dryers. Due to the fact that in that year, competitors in the wood industry that have activities on wood drying, after the existing companies and devices, and add some features to the devices, including the intelligence of the dryer control systems, that very soon these features cause problems. be. Wood industry participated in dryers.

After that, he continued the research on wood, and the design and production of the Thermowood device was included in the company’s development plans. According to the devices available in Iran, Thermowood devices have the positive features of other devices and remove the harmful features of other devices.

One of the characteristics of the company’s devices is its unbeatable price. The reason for the low price of Venonwood devices is that all stages of design, production and implementation of dryers are done in an integrated manner by the company and nothing in this field is outsourced. That is why the prices are very low and no similar company can compete with it. This characteristic is the result of the teamwork of a team that consists of elite industries such as the wood industry, the mechanical industry, and the electronics industry.

Wood’s companies have the following divisions.

مهندس شهداب و مهندس ارقند
engineer Shahdab and engineer Argand


Wood science development management

In this department, which Engineer Sina Shahdab is in charge of managing, various researches are conducted on wood and its properties, which results in the creation of process information for drying different types of wood. This information is available in various articles for the native woods of countries such as America and Canada, but until now, almost no research has been done on the native woods of Iran, and VenonWood Company is the first company to work in this field and produce its products based on scientific research. shows

مهندس سینا شهداب
Engineer Sina Shahdab


Technical development management

In this department, which is led by Engineer Mohammad Reza Arghand, research is carried out on mechanical processes and process control and their improvement and optimization. Each of the devices delivered to the customer is already studied by mechanical software in terms of fluid mechanics and technical equipment, and the best choices are made for the said device. One of the most obvious outputs of this unit is the burner system of WenonWood dryers. The dryer system burners of Venonwood company are designed in such a way that it has the highest thermal efficiency and imposes the least energy loss on the customer, and that is why the amount paid by the customer for energy in the company’s dryers is in no way competitive with the dryers of other companies.

مهندس محمدرضا ارقند
Engineer Mohammad Reza Arghand



Electronic management

This unit, which is managed by engineer Javad EffatDoost, is responsible for the electronic control of drying devices. As mentioned earlier, the company’s dryers have an intelligent process monitoring and control system, which is optimized and designed in the electronics unit. One of the most obvious characteristics of the output of this unit is the intelligent process control system. This system enables the customer to dry his desired wood in his dryer at any time without spending any money. This work is not done in the dryer of other companies, or to do it, the dryer system must be changed and reprogrammed.

جواد عفت دوست
engineer Javad EffatDoost

Managing the ui/ux section

This section is managed by engineer Shadi EffatDoost, a specialist in graphics and user interface, to provide you with easy access to the required information by being placed in an integrated and stylish environment. Also, for your easier access, the support and management of Instagram content production is also done by them, so that we can respond to you in the shortest possible time, as a constant companion of Venonwood.

مهندس شادی عفت دوست
Engineer Shadi EffatDoost

Website design department

It is done by engineer Sheida Bhardoost, an expert in SEO and website design, so that the services and products of VenonWood Company are available to our contacts in the shortest possible time and in the most convenient way. The goal and effort of this section is to keep the WenonWood site among the first suggestions of Google to its followers.

مهندس شیدا بهاردوست
Engineer Sheida Bhardoost


Installation and implementation section

This department, under the management of engineer Ali Arghand and engineer Mohammad Yousefi, is responsible for managing the installation and implementation of dryers, and they always try to deliver the best quality to the customer during installation. Any new technical plans and programs are carried out by this unit on new dryers and after-sales service for dryers already sold by this unit.

مهندس علی ارقند
علی ارقند
مهندس محمد یوسفی

Due to its history and experience in the wood industry, WenonWood Company is still a leader and has various plans for development. These programs are related to the sale of wood industry equipment and wood-based products, which will be announced to our valued customers soon. You can follow our social networks through the links on the site and get informed about our latest changes and programs. You can also contact the phone numbers available on the site for free consultation or to ask any kind of question.

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