When trees are cut in to the pieces they contain a lot of moisture. This moisture is absorbed by wood dryers in the manufacturing process and is converted to dried wood. Drying the wood reduces its moisture levels. This reduction depends on different factors. To choose the final moisture level, we should consider the geographical location where the wood will be used after manufacturing. For example, dry regions have low moisture levels so the wood that’ll be used in those areas should also have a very low moisture level to be in balance with the environment. When the moisture levels of the wood are either lower or higher than the moisture levels of the environment, the wood will reach a balance with the environment by either losing or absorbing moisture. This process can create tension in the wood which can result in issues such as cracking, deformation, size change, etc.


The Wood Drying Process at Venonwood

Sometimes, the wood is used in regions with high moisture levels such as the roof of pools or walls of buildings. In these cases, the wood is exposed to high moisture levels, not to mention that it might even get wet. To solve this problem, different heat treatment processes have been developed which can help stabilize the wood dimensions. It’s worth mentioning that wood is still a life form and it reacts with the moisture in the environment. By applying heat treatment processes, the rate of this reaction can be reduced significantly. The most common heat treatment process is a process called thermowood. The machine that treats wood with this process is called a thermowood machine.

The thermowood machine creates chemical reactions inside the wood by applying high heat and pressure to the wood. The wood will have a slight change in dimensions after the process but once the process is done, it won’t get affected much by tension anymore. Additionally, the thermowood process forces suitable food supplies for fungi to come out from inside the wood, making the wood practically immune to mushroom and fungus growth. Remember that even thermowood-treated wood still reacts with the environment but this reaction is so insignificant and small that it can be safely ignored.


Thermowood-treated wood comes in two colors of light brown or dark brown. The color is different based on the type of wood. For example, oak wood will turn light brown while hazelnut wood will turn dark brown. Remember, a wood that’s been treated properly should turn brown completely. Some companies use artificial colors to dye the wood to the correct shade of brown and sell it as heat-treated wood but if you cut through the wood, you can see that the center of it is not brown at all. So if you’re going to buy thermowood-treated wood, make sure that the wood is completely brown.

Thermowood-treated wood is lighter than regular wood. This is because in the thermowood process, the wood reaches almost zero levels of moisture. The machine then applies moisture to the wood again until its moisture levels reach around 5%. This “injection” of moisture is to ease further processing on the wood and to increase the mechanical resistant of it. So one of the other ways of detecting an authentic thermowood-treated wood is its weight.

Another way of detecting a thermowood-treated wood is by looking at its surface. An authentic wood reflects the sun as it has an oily surface.


The Venonwood company is proud to say that by designing and producing thermowood machines, it prevents unnecessary imports and helps fellow industrialists in the wood industry of the country by providing high quality machines with the lowest price and highest technology.

Venonwood thermowood machines have several unique features. Some of these features include:

1)Multi-layered security system

2)Smart control system

3)Remote monitoring and control system

4)Temperature and pressure graphs system

5)Warning systems

6)Central control system, capable of working in difficult situations

7)Lower prices compared to other companies

8)Guaranteed one-year warranty

9)Guidance and full support from our team till the very end

Please note that the wood should be dried before they can be put in a thermowood machine. If you don’t have dried wood, you should consider finding a way to get some before focusing on getting a thermowood machine. You can try contacting our experts at Venonwood if you have any questions regarding the matter.

The main goal of Venonwood is to help the wood industry of Iran so we’ll be always with you.

Please contact us for more information and purchasing terms of our thermowood machines.

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