Economic wood dryer

Wood dryer is one of the most vital machines in the wood processing industry. Every wooden product including furniture, parquet, wall plugs, and all kinds of pilgrims such as cornices, corners, etc. need to be dried before processing. Many wood workshops in the country generally do not have enough space to have large dryers. Moreover, large dryers with a capacity of more than 30 cube meters are generally not suitable for small workshops. Also, the cost of constructing large dryers for small workshops does not have economic efficiency.

Economic wood dryer
Economic wood dryer

The wood drying process in “Venonwood”

Therefore, Venonwood company has introduced a new machine to the wood industry in its latest design, which is known as economic wood dryer. This dryer has small dimensions and is portable. It is also easily expected to have the performance of large machines. The difference between economic wood dryers and large dryers is only in their dimensions and capacity and all the technology available in Venonwood company have also been used in economic wood dryers. The width and height of all the economic wood dryers in the company are 2meters but its height reaches to 2.5meters when the equipment is installed. However, the length of economic wood dryers is produced in two types of 3meters and 6meters. Economic 3-meter wood dryers can dry woods which are up to 6 cubic meters and economic 6-meter wood dryers are capable to dry woods which are up to 12 cubic meters, which is very useful for small and medium workshops.

Economic wood dryers of Venonwood company have the capacity of drying different kinds of softwoods and hardwoods. The woods which can be dried using economic wood dryers include Abies alba, walnut wood, alder, oak, rush, poplar, and all woods available in the wood industry. It should be noted that the program of drying all woods can be applied on the machine at no extra cost and there are no restrictions for the buyer in the field of drying any wood.

Economic wood dryers have the unique features of large wood dryers. These features include:

  1. Intelligent control system
  2. Remote control system
  3. Temperature and humidity thermograph
  4. Reliable lasting equipment
  5. Very low energy consumption
Economic wood dryer
Economic wood dryer


The sales process of economic wood dryers is in a way that after the contract, the machine will be ready after one month and can be transported to the location. After being transported, the company’s engineers will be present at the location and proceed to install and train the employer. The employer can test the machine for a few days. Then, they test the wood dryer without wood for training purposes so that if there is a lack of knowledge and error in controlling the dryer, the employer will be noticed and there will be further training by Vononwood company. After that, the employer will be able to dry any wood using the machine.

One of the unique features of economic wood dryers is that they are portable which enables employers to easily transport them if the workshop place is rented. 

The final point is that the purpose of designing economic wood dryers is to design and produce dryers that are economically unrivaled and to enable the respected employers of the wood industry to increase the quality of their products and grow their business by drying their wood.

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