?How our dryers dry wood

Wood dryer kiln

How our dryers dry wood?

The VenonWood dryers are design to dry different kinds of wood including softwoods and hardwoods. The convectional heat transfer is used to transfer heat to the wood and transfer humidity from it. The speed of axial fans is design to dry the wood as fast as possible by consideration of the minimum cracks which occur during the drying process.

The first good characteristic of VenonWood dryer is its heat production system which is so efficient and consumes the minimum amount of energy by consideration of the maximum efficiency. This characteristic reduces the energy cost and increase the net profit of all the process.

The second good characteristic of VenonWood dryer is the control system of the dryer. This system is designed by VenonWood electronic team and is able to control the drying process intelligently and make the operator able to monitor and control the dryer remotely.

The third good characteristic of VenonWood dryer is the mechanical design of the wood dryer. The position of axial fans and other mechanical devices is chosen perfectly so with the minimum consumption of energy and wood injury, the wood will be dried.

Other good characteristics are defined in other parts of website and Instagram page (@venonwood). You can access us by using email and WhatsApp application which is put in the contact us part of VenonWood website.

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