Pallet dryer


Pallets are considered as a tool to carry heavy equipment in different places like ports, refrigerators, etc. pallets are usually made of metal, plastic, or wood. Wooden pallets are known as the standard pallets in the world because they are stainless, have high strength, and are biodegradable. Usually, these pallets are made of low-density wood such as Populus or fir. The construction plan of wooden pallets is designed based on the site and the required force. The wood that is used for building pallets commonly consists of water. up to 80% of their weight. The wet pallets are a suitable place for molds, fungus, and Ceratocystis which mechanically weaken the wood and environmentally cause illness for humans.


Pallet dryer
Pallet dryer


The world’s countries proposed a standard to resolve the problem in which the pallet is dried in the disinfection process and the wood’s insects and larva are destroyed. Also, according to a global agreement, in our country, Iran, an organization named Plants Protection Organization (PPO) must oversee the disinfection process of pallet makers. In the disinfection process, the pallet should at least remain 30 minutes above the 550C. during this time, all the insects and fungus of the wood are destroyed and the wood moisture is reduced drastically. Also, by drying the pallet we can increase the pallet mechanical strength.

Pallet dryer
Pallet dryer


Due to the largeness of pallet dryer containers, some manufacturers could not obtain the required standards from PPO successfully, because their dryers are not capable of disinfection, the Venonwood company has the honor of building more than 20 pallet dryers across the county including provinces such as Gilan, Azarbayjan Sharghi, and Azarbayjan Gharbi and in the fastest time possible, has taken the necessary standards from PPO. Venonwood’s pallet driers feature some unique capabilities such as:

  1.     Temperature homogeneity throughout the dryer
  2.     Very low energy consumption during the process
  3.     Smart user interface
  4.     Remote control
  5.     Warranty for every machine without any preconditions
  6.     And so on

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