Wood dryer kiln

Wood industry is seen as a splendor industry in both Iran and the world. In some European and American countries wood is even used as construction material so that most houses are built by wood. In Iran, homes were traditionally built by wood and modern methods of constructing wooden homes are getting common.

Wood dryer kiln
Wood dryer kiln


Wood drying process in Venonwood

Wood is used in different industries. Particularly, there are factories throughout the country that use wood as their raw material and produce and supply various products such as furniture, parquet, wall siding, doors, wall and types of battens to the market. Before processing, wood carries high amount of water. This water so-called wood moisture is lost overtime through its balance to environment temperature which could cause unintentional tensions. To prevent such happening, upon cutting the wood in forests and before processing, it is dried in special devices so that the wood loses it moisture and being prepared to be utilized in environment. Wood dryers are very accurate and thorough machines in industry since they should implement a precise thermal and moisture process for a long time. Any small disruption in running such machines could yield to tensions in wood which can increase wood wastes. 

The initial moisture of the wood
The initial moisture of the wood

For drying, different woods need different processes and length of such process is different any wood depending its internal structure. For example, fir needs 10 to 15 days of drying which walnut woods needs 21 – 25 days. Woods are put inside dryers based on their type and thickness. Noteworthy, wood initial moisture is too effective in drying process. For instance, wood with higher initial moisture needs longer time to be dried compared to a wood with lower initial moisture. Wood drying process has such important parameters such as temperature, environmental moisture and dryer humidity. These three parameters should be controlled altogether during drying process. This process should be performed smartly and should be followed up precisely. To the same reason, a few companies either in Iran or the world are able to produce wood dryers. In Iran, dryer manufacturers are not able to dry forest woods like walnut and oak. The reason is that forest woods have more complicated structure and lose their moisture more hardly so this process should be more accurate and any small mistake in implementing such process would yield to cracks in wood and increase wood wastes.

Wood dryer kiln
Wood dryer kiln

By using strong smart systems capable to work for a long time with no mistake, Venonwood dryers can dry all domestic and foreign woods. Venonwood dryers’ smart system are designed so that they can execute any program without any additional cost and time. By such capability, anyone can dry types of foreign and domestic woods without any cost difference by Venonwood dryers.

Some capabilities of Venonwood dryers include:

  1. Smart automation system
  2. Real time wood moisture measurement system
  3. Remote control
  4. Providing temperature and moisture curve throughout the process
  5. Reliable equipment with 24h running capability for consecutive days
  6. Very lower energy consumption that other types of dryers.
  7. Higher capacity compared to its price
  8. Unconditioned one year guarantee

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